Ses kimya was established in 1999 with more then 665 M2 in closed area to manufacturing powder and liquid cleaning products, A total of 72 kinds of products produced in this area and in our country we make lot of franchise. In 2002 we start to work with AR-GE Laboratory The total production area of 20,000 m², upgrade and still continues to serve in this area.with experience staff we developing great innovation in the chemical in Turkey We manufacturing product without detriment to human health and environmental aims to provide good environmental With domestic investment and engineers Due to the rising environmental awareness, This type of investment has become a necessity more than a social responsibility.salt is the first example of use chemicals in the World In 2004 Salt it was the salt it was developed and used in 2004 for address the problem of snow This developed product give result in highly effective Still to be used in the aviation industry and the fight against erosion To continue manufacturing we stay work with AR-GE The target is manufacturing Turkish chemicals be friendly with humans and environmental,to produce good and healthy product for new generation.

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